Eureka Minecraft [Semi-Vanilla][PvE][SMP]{1.12…

Eureka Minecraft [Semi-Vanilla][PvE][SMP]{1.12.2}{16+}{Discord}

Hello /r/mcservers!

My name is Kindalas here and on Eureka, I’m an Admin on the server. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in chat, everyone is friendly and most people can summon the Moderators and Admins if they are needed.

plugins used are CoreProtect and other administration related plugins, game play for players is vanilla

We have been running this server, Eureka, and have been up and running for over 5 years, have a solid player and staff base, and are always looking for new players! Another Admin has posted here before on Reddit, and we found some nice folk. He is moving into a different role so Reddit recruitment is now my responsibility. We are a 16+ server by the way, sorry to anyone younger.

We only have a few rules

No Stealing.

No Griefing.

No Hacking.

Simple to follow, no? The only mods we allow here are OptiFine, and texture packs, as well as Shaders if you have a computer that can handle that! We are a vanilla gameplay server. We have a few helping plugins, that catch griefers, and thieves on Eureka.

But before you can play on the mainworld world, we have a trial world called Noobland, where you must build something nice, and prove that you know the rules stated below. It is how this server has been running for over four and a half years! You can take your inventory with you once you are promoted to the mainworld!

The trial world isn’t hard, all we ask is that you put effort in, and use a variety of materials and fill up the plot and all, nothing too complex.

When you are done with your trial build in noobland, ask in chat for an admin, and they will come to you! If no one is on, ask in chat if someone can contact one or post on the website shout box that you’re ready!

Our discord server is here!