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Elementos [SMP] {Towns} {Discord} {White-list} {1.12.2}


Our main focus is to help you build your own adventures on our server. What ever they may be. We understand that anything can happen and anything will happen. We want those things to happen on our server, where you’re part of our community. We take a pretty relaxed approach to the game. For the most part, we’re a survival server, we implement some plugins that help us provide a better experience. Whether you just got out of work, school or what ever place that isn’t our server and you’re looking for a place to unwind, we’re here to help. Sit back, pop a beer, pack a bowl, grab a snack and join us. We’d like you to be part of our adventure where we help you build yours.

Summer #2

We’re back for the summer once again after taking a break for the winter. This time more of the same but with a vast new world. We implemented a whole new generation system that brings in a plethora of different and unique biomes ready to be explored and claimed. Take a break this summer with us!

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Our Server

  • Located in East Coast Canada
  • Intel I7-4790K 4c/8t 4 GHz/ 32GB DDR3 ECC 1333 MHz 1x240 GB SSD

Check out our Features on our wiki.

We’re quite proud of the work we’ve put into our wiki, check it out!

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Notable features

Badge system – We run weekly challenges that allow players to earn badges which are displayed in game.
Brewing – We’ve gone deeper than the standard brewing recipes, we’ve developed dozen of hours that may award uplifting effects.
Backpacks – Sometimes we need a little extra storage.
Extended days – Days run twice as long and night is half the time of vanilla.
Grappling Hooks – An easier way to climb thanks to fishing rods.
Teleport Gems – We’ve given a second purpose to emeralds, you can assign coordinates to an emerald, where you will be teleported to when clicked. Of course, at a cost.


We’re a pretty tight knit community even though you don’t have to participate, we all talk to each other on discord.

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  • Be respectful. To the staff, players and the server itself. It’s your server too.
  • Any type of hate speech is not tolerated, please think before you speak.
  • Excessive griefing is not allowed, but breaking a few blocks to gain access is okay.
  • Any unprotected chest, furnace, dispenser, hopper or other storage block is considered public.
  • Taking anything other than items found in public inventories is prohibited.
  • Any players that are using modified clients or game enhancing mods that give you an unfair advantage will be banned on sight.
  • Do not abuse the powers you are given.
  • Spamming, advertising and asking for items or positions will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. Use your chat privileges wisely.
  • Your account is operated under the impression of only you. Any activity that is recorded under said account will be listed as your own and treated in the same way.
  • Impersonation of staff members and other players are not tolerated.

How to Join

We’re a mature white-list community so you do have to meet certain requirements in order to join. You have to be over 18, though we do make exceptions for those who are 16 older if you’re willing to tell us why you should get in. If you’re not 18 give it a try and apply!


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