[Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] {marriage} {mob heads}…

[Wanted] [Semi-vanilla] {marriage} {mob heads} Immersive survival

Anyone have any (close) suggestions? I’m alright with a few other extras as long as they don’t break the immersive aspect of the world like flying minecarts.

Introduction to myself: I’m Canadian, male and mature. Looking for a server that allows casual play, since life happens and I work full time I can’t be on all the time. I Would like to sit back and zone out on my days off.

I’m mature, good humor, friendly and somewhat creative but definitly not an architect. I use what I mine and make, and replant my own forests :). I do not “hack” or cause grief. Looking for a decent community and my own plot of land without the risk of it being grieved. I’m pretty honest, relaxed and willing to help and share if someone needs, and I may have a friend join me from time to time, we make a good team. We like to do projects over a long time, so as long as we have security without the world being reset. I’d be alright with that.

If we can fit in somewhere, let me know! 🙂