SerpentGaming [SMP] [PVE] {Custom Enchants} {T…

SerpentGaming [SMP] [PVE] {Custom Enchants} {Towny} {Jobs} {Quests}


Serpent Gaming is a Towny survival server with a strong focus on the economy and how players shape it. We offer players Custom Enchantments to enhance all your tools beyond the capabilities of Vanilla Minecraft and the ability to truly become OP in our world. With Towny you can either join a preexisting town or create a town of your own for $10K in game, towns house communities of players that help each other out by contributing to the costs of creating farms, mob grinders, etc with a common goal of making more money.


We also offer our players a quest system where you can do grindy tasks, chat with NPC’s, or simply bring NPC’s items and you’ll be rewarded with sums of money Quest items that can be used for special gear down the road, or even access to more commands like player vaults or extra /sethomes! The jobs system on Serpent Gaming allows you to choose 2 jobs and perform the actions listed in the description of the job to earn money and gain Jobs EXP, which will gradually rank your job up resulting in more money from each block you break, sheep you sheer and item you enchant! Jobs tie into the /sell hand command quite well too as anything you obtain from collection jobs you can sell back to the server for even more money. This /sell hand command combined with the quests and jobs have set a minor foundation of what economy is like so that players may build upon it themselves make items valued at prices they think are fair for the work it takes to get them, rather than listening to the server and sticking to a single price. We’ve decided the best way to operate this would be through Chestshop a plugin that allows you to turn chests into shops in which you buy or sell items to other players.

Rules: – No Griefing – Respect others – Cheating, exploiting, or hacking in any way will not be tolerated – What staff says is final, if the staff member is being abusive report it to a higher-up staff – Use common sense – Refrain from spamming the chat, or typing using all caps