Mewcraft Network [Hub] {1.12.2} {Hardcore} {Cr…

Mewcraft Network [Hub] {1.12.2} {Hardcore} {Creative}{Survival}{Skyblock} {UHC} {Factions}

Server Name:

Server Locale: US

Website: MewCraft

Server Address/IP:

Game Play Types: [Hardcore][Survival][Factions][Skyblock][UHC][Creative]

Description: The best up and coming cloud network with a variety of choices, kick-ass staff available 24/7 in game or through discord, and a great community willing to teach and help out each other and newcomers alike! Join us today and get a taste of what we’re all about!

Talk to anyone on any other server at any time with our multichat system. Now you can play different game modes and still talk with friends! Plus, we can give you a nickname to enhance your experience.

Donor Ranks span across all servers and give you access to cool privileges in each server!


Please don’t ask for OP or Staff upon joining.

Hacking, glitching or spamming is not allowed.

Cursing is allowed, but not excessively.

Plugins: [SilkSpawners] [Deathbans] [Worldedit] [CrazyEnchants] and more!

Owner/Admins/Moderators: Owner: Mewtong Admin: DWZ