Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.12.2…

Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.12.2}


Lasagn is a white/greylisted SMP server established June 8, 2018. We are a very new server with a dedicated community that is looking for some new players. We hope that through our adventures on this new server, we create an active, big, and friendly community! We would love to have you join and help create a bangin environment for everyone!

What we have to offer:

-Soft Border. You will be able to explore to your hearts content, but everything outside the 10k soft border will be deleted regularly 🙂

-Semi Vanilla. This server is running Spigot and we have only added plugins that have NO effect on the vanilla feel. So NO tpa, land protecting, or any plugins altering vanilla mechanics.

-New terrain generation. This terrain was generated by a mod that goes by BiomeBundle. We pre-generated a 7k radius around spawn, in hopes that you will have a joyous exploring and inspirational experience. We are also implementing an additional 3k block radius on top of BiomeBundle that will include the new 1.13 oceans and generations! So whether you’re looking for some sweet generation to take up residence in, or some new oceans to build a crazy seafort, we got the place for you!

-Dedicated Server. This isn’t a server run in the basement of someones house. It is hosted by a reliable minecraft hosting company, meaning that we should have 100% up-time and upgradable specs.

-Whitelisted. Filtered out griefers and trolls

-Close knit community. We love the community on the server and the staff are very welcoming to new people!


1. Respect other players and don’t be a rude dude. If you have any problems with players contact a mod or staff.

2. No game changing mods, this is a vanilla server. Things like JourneyMap, BetterVillagerTrading, and most QOL mods are fine, but anything that’ll give you an unfair advantage (X-ray, PVP hacks, etc) or server-side is not allowed.

3. Don’t ruin peoples experience. So don’t be annoying or intrusive and let people do what they want if it is not breaking the rules.

4. The answer to the last question is “Penguin” 🙂

5. Don’t grief. Pranks are fine, but destruction of property, non-consensual PVP, and stealing are not.

6. Don’t steal. If the chest isn’t marked free, or you don’t have explicit permission from the owner, don’t take from it.

Want to join? We are looking for players who want to enjoy building and enjoying the game. We welcome all ages but expect a high level of maturity from everyone regardless of age. Too apply, simply click here and fill out an application and head over to the discord!


Staff Hilltest, Omgtrees, Cog, Jun