Avalonia [PvE] [Vanilla] {Un-whitelisted} {Dis…

Avalonia [PvE] [Vanilla] {Un-whitelisted} {Discord} {1.13} {16+}

  • IP: ava.serverminer.com (currently on pre-release latest snapshot)
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/adpsA8D

  • So how do you play the beta snapshot version? The good news is it’s extremely easy. If you have minecraft already installed, you don’t even need to visit a website, you can do it right from the minecraft launcher: https://preview.ibb.co/gXDw8n/Minecraft_Launcher_Beta_Snapshot.png

  • More info here on launching a beta snapshot: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/How_to_install_a_snapshot

  • Welcome to Avalonia 1.13, we’re running a brand new 1.13 vanilla map on the beta snapshot. Minecraft 1.13 final release is scheduled to be out a bit later in 2018, and so here we are, getting things all ready. What does this mean for you? Well, you get the chance to join early and play with the rest of us on 1.13!

  • Who are we? Avalonia is a server that started mid-2017 running on 1.12, but now that 1.13 is imminent, we’re gearing up for the next map. We are focused on the complete vanilla survival aspect of the game, and are primarily PvE/build based.

  • PvP? Currently this is turned off. Eventually we aim to make it a limited feature where you can PvP where both parties agree.

  • Please note that once 1.13 final is ready, we aim to avoid map resets. Throughout the beta snapshots however, it’s possible there could be at least one or two map resets. We may allow players to keep their inventories across resets, this will be discussed further in Discord prior to the resets.

  • The map is un-whitelisted, so you can join right away. Any questions, feel free to ask here, or in our Discord channel (link above)

  • Rules: the usual, no hacking/griefing/spam/adverts, please respect your fellow players. We’d like to maintain a mature and classy playerbase, so pack away your lego, bring your snarky jokes on board, and let’s have some fun together!