Ebrius SMP [Vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.13}{18+}{Wee…

Ebrius SMP [Vanilla]{Whitelist}{1.13}{18+}{Weekly Events}{Season 2}

Introduction: Ebrius is a mature community of adult players from all corners of the globe that likes to play vanilla Minecraft together. (Yes, this globe has corners, it’s Minecraft duh!) We launched our first season in late september last year and over the past several months we have built a strong and thriving community of players that we have come to know and love.

Season II: With Minecraft 1.13 just around the corner and after a very successful first season, we have decided to open up again for new applications.We are looking for new members to join our global community and be a a part of making this season even better than the last one. When 1.13 is released we will start up a brand new world so everyone that joins can play with the new blocks and mechanics right away. We feel that the server needs a fresh start and what better way to do it than to launch it in 1.13.

Here at Ebrius we value community over all and we want this server to be a place where you can relax, have fun and meet new people. To make this possible we pride ourselves in having weekly events on both our vanilla and creative/event servers. The events range from ultra hardcore (UHC), building competitions and much much more.

For season 2 our plans is to have the spawn town right by the ocean, so we are nice and close to the new features. As well as the spawn town we have some big community projects in mind, that we think will be a lot of fun to work on and we hope that newcomers bring ideas for community projects along with them too! We find that the best way to play this game is to play it together with others.

Features: One Player Sleeping Ender Dragon Elytra drop Weekly Events Secondary Creative Server Vanilla Server Anti-Enderman Grief Xisuma’s Mob Heads Extra In-Game Achievements Player Head Drop Upon PvP Deaths Renewable Shulkers from Endermites

Rules: You have to be 18+ No malicious griefing of other players Don’t steal from others Any exploitive clients or x-ray is not allowed Harassment of other players is prohibited Racism or any other derogatory means of hate is strictly not allowed If you’re reading this put the word “Drunk” somewhere in the application

Members: [Owner] Jefflurr [Admin] TheNamesDave [Admin] R0ckpillar [Admin] Rustix

Aside from our staff we have 20+ members that make up our joyus community and we look forward to welcoming many more of you applicants.

Staff Contacts: These are the staff’s contact usernames for discord, if you wish to contact them to discuss about certain topics then, please use these.

Jefflurr#2415 TheNamesDave#1403 Steve#6344 Rustix#6107

Registration Info: To apply to our server, please make a post on this thread following the format below, with all the relevant information. After we review your application we will reply to your post, letting you know whether or not you have been accepted. Should you be accepted, you will be sent a private message on the site.

Subsequently, you can join our discord server and post your application there for a faster processing. This is only to be done after applying on this thread and not to be used as an alternative. If accepted through this method, you will be notified by means of a private message on both discord, and reddit forums.

Application Form:

In-Game Name/Username:

What should we call you? (Nicknames, real names)


Country + Timezone:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

How active will you be?

Have you ever been banned from a private server?

What do you think, you can bring onto the server?

Any other questions or comments?

(Optional) If you like, please show us screenshots/images or videos of your past builds or creations of any sort.

Application Link: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition/pc-servers/2907634-ebrius-18-1-13-vanilla-whitelist-discord-weekly