Lapito’s Galacticraft [PvP] [Modded] {1….

Lapito’s Galacticraft [PvP] [Modded] {1.12.2}

Lapito’s Galacticraft

It has been years since the great battle of space and players began. The time in the past when we thought the moon and mars were all there was. That was then, and this is now. Behold. Lapito’s Reborn. Venture to new planets beyond your imagination. Experience the latest updates to technologies you onced used and would now consider primitive. Defend yourself against the terrors of the new lands and the raiders from old.

What are you waiting for? New horizons await.

Access Points
  • Server: Automatically included in the modpack installers below
  • Discord:


  • It’s an 18 + Community.
  • PvP Is Allowed
  • No posting social/public information
  • No Racism

Modpack Installers

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