Kordowen [SMP] {Factions} {mcMMO} {1.12.2} He…

Kordowen [SMP] {Factions} {mcMMO} {1.12.2}

Hello! Kordowen is a medieval RP factions server. The server is just going public today, April 1st, 2018, so we have a brand new world to explore! Please join and create your own kingdom!

Plugins include: Factions, Essentials, Brewery, PlayerShops (coming soon), Gods, mcMMO, Dynmap, and more!

Server IP: kordowen.factions.ws


Discord: https://discord.gg/RwQMHeg

Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kordowen/

Please join the Discord and the Subreddit!


1) Be respectful

2) Be ethical

3) Use common sense

4) Please don’t swear excessively (swearing isn’t prohibited, but excessive swearing is frowned upon, especially if it is spammy and adds nothing to the conversation at hand)

5) Don’t take any form of hostile actions against a peaceful faction

6) Don’t ask for staff. If I (the server owner) feel that a player is responsible enough to handle a staff position I will approach that player.

7) Absolutely no cheating or hacking!

I can’t wait to see you on there!