Zerp Australia [SMP] [Creative] {Economy} {Dis…

Zerp Australia [SMP] [Creative] {Economy} {Discord} {Custom Terrain} {Close Community} {1.12+}


  • Server IP: zerpau.com
  • Server Website: http://www.zerpau.com
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Game Modes: Survival, Creative, PvP


We’re a small-ish, relaxed and close-knit community of Minecraft players who have been around for over a year now. Although we’re predominantly Australian, we welcome guests from all over the world!

The server features a solid economy, random teleportation and a palatable website (XenForo) with forums, live map, in-game chat (through IRC) and voting/donations. Our custom generated terrain and structures are pretty neat too!

Our server runs with a minimalistic rank system denoted by colours; type /ranks to see what they all mean. To mitigate damage, access to treacherous items and the creative world are restricted to Members, requiring a simple application submission via the forums.

We value our relaxed yet mature atmosphere. The chat can be a relatively open place, so hypersensitivity is generally discouraged. To deal with an irritant, however, we suggest utilising the /ignore command and notifying staff of any abuse without starting a flame war.


  • Economy
  • Random TP
  • Custom generated structures/terrain
  • Freebuild creative world (no plots; restricted to members and above)
  • Online live map
  • IRC server chat (must request voice)
  • Discord


  • Play fairly
  • Be respectful
  • Don’t touch stuff that isn’t yours
  • Don’t be a prick

Click for more details, but they’re pretty self explanatory :).


Ask us if you need any help!

  • Zerp
  • Djlat
  • DraconisChaser
  • insanepanda0221
  • PurpleZircon