The Junction [Semi-Vanilla]{SMP}{Greylist}{16+…

The Junction [Semi-Vanilla]{SMP}{Greylist}{16+}

Welcome to The Junction where vanilla and multiplayer meet! Created by multiple players with years of previous experience owning and operating minecraft servers, we come together to bring as close to a vanilla experience as possible while maintaining a safe environment.

We’re a tight knit community that started off in July of 2017, though some of the members have been playing together more than five years.

We wanted to give the community a vanilla Minecraft server that will be around for the long haul, not resetting every update or every year. While the world is fully explorable, we do have a soft 5k border that everyone lives inside. We WILL NOT completely reset the map on 1.13 release! Once 1.13 comes out, we’ll wipe beyond the 5k and expand the soft border to 10k for those awesome new updates!

We want to create a culture within our server that anybody can approach a fellow server member, or jump in our discord voice channels and not feel intimidated. One of our largest focuses is the community, and making sure everybody feels welcome and at home.

Now is the best time to join and get a leg (or a fin) up before 1.13 drops! Be ready for tridents and sunken ships, taming the oceans and beyond.


The only plugins that we run on this server are for the safety of yourself and others, such as CoreProtect.

How to Join

The server runs on a grey list, this means that you can join through our IP to run and look around to see if you are interested in applying. To apply is simple, just join our discord or post your application in our subreddit under the stickied post.


  1. Respect other members or find yourself chat muted. DBAD!

  2. No game changing mods, this is a vanilla server. Things like JourneyMap,  BetterVillagerTrading, and most QOL mods are fine, but anything that’ll give you an unfair advantage (X-ray, PVP hacks, etc) or server-side is not allowed.

  3. Have fun, but don’t keep anyone else from having fun in the process.

  4. Don’t grief. Pranks are fine, but destruction of property, non-consensual PVP, and stealing are not.

  5. The answer to the last question is Atlas

  6. Don’t steal. If the chest isn’t marked free, or you don’t have explicit permission from the owner, don’t take from it.

  7. And finally, if you have any reservations about doing anything, ask a mod

Server IP:

Discord: (Highly Recommended)


Admin Team: Hilltest, Sana_, TheOpie, Margnick, Hamington, Mantelmann, _Saturn1