Minersplay [SMP]{greylist}{16+}{dynmap}{discor…

Minersplay [SMP]{greylist}{16+}{dynmap}{discord}{EWG}{1.12.2}

MinersPlay is a survival 16+ multiplayer server, set on hard. Unlike most multiplayer servers, we offer special custom world generation in the overworld. MinersPlay is a fun and clean community for everyone to enjoy. We are a survival server, meaning that we offer a few plugins to make the experience more enjoyable such as custom biomes, claimed chunks, and anti-griefing measures. We now have a Mining world which resets at the end of each month. We have no teleportation, no commands, and no game changing additions (with the exception of the custom biomes.), and are as close to vanilla without being vanilla.

** Server Info:**

What Makes us Stand Out? Our survival multiplayer server features all custom terrain in the overworld, as well as a mining world that resets at the end of each month. We also are a grey list server meaning you can check us out before actually building. We feel this makes it more welcoming for new players to see if we are the type of server you want to join.


  • Custom Terrain using Epic World Generator
  • Friendly and Fair Staff
  • 12kx12k World Border
  • Overviewer Map
  • Mining world (Resets at end of each month)
  • Discord Group
  • Grief Protection
  • Land Claims


Admins: – Kithron – Trevady – OutlawHD13

Mods: – Piro15 – Farwynd – ProRules

Server Rules:

  1. Please be respectful of other players and builds.
  2. No Creating Drama or harrasing staff/other players.
  3. No cheating such as using xray.
  4. No griefing or stealing, unless otherwise stated.
  5. No claiming other players bases, arenas as your own.
  6. No asking to become a staff member.
  7. No PvP, unless both parties agree to it.

Thanks for Checking out MinersPlay.