MCLOTTO [Semi-vanilla][PVP]{Casinos}{1.11} We…

MCLOTTO [Semi-vanilla][PVP]{Casinos}{1.11}

Welcome to MCLOTTO, a fun and exciting new Minecraft server that puts a twist on one of the most popular game-modes in Minecraft Multiplayer. To put it simply, we are a Factions Economy server that has a fully functional, custom built Las Vegas Strip for a spawn, this includes over 5 casinos and 15+ custom game and machine types! Gamble your way the top in the casinos or sell collect and sell resources to the various shops around town like The Mall, or A1 Pawn shop (Modeled after the shop in Pawn Stars). All the money you earn can be used to either buy new materials to fort up your Faction home, or to /rankup to unlock new casinos and abilities (Commands, Cosmetics, Mini-Gambling Game modes). Whatever you’re interested in in Minecraft your sure to have a great time! Hope to see you soon, and good luck out there!


  1. No Cheating, This means No clients, Xray mods or anything similar!

  2. No Exploiting bugs, Report any Bugs found to an admin for a reward!


Server IP: