LittleDigPlanet [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelis…

LittleDigPlanet [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {US/EU} {Patch 1.12.2} {6 year-old community} {Discord Preferred}

/r/Littledigplanet – Vanilla SMP – Whitelisted


Discord – Come join us and say hi!


Our server began over 6 years ago, and has remained more of a close and friendly community-minded server since then. Server resets tend to follow large updates, and our current map began with the 1.12 update in June 2017; our spawn region is open to build and contribute to, so long as you don’t grief or impede anyone else’s builds along the way. The same rules apply as you go out into the frontier, however people tend to claim larger areas of land to build on. Just try to be a friendly neighbor!

The server is run by husband and wife /u/Azander137 and /u/Snorlaxian23 (ingame names alexkohnen and Snorlaxian respectively), and can be contacted through our Discord server (link above).

We are a mature-minded community; while not all of our players are 18 or over, we do try to keep a certain conduct, as to avoid drama and dispute. Humor is open and can be unruly at times, so long as you aren’t an explicit jerk to anyone you’ll be fine. While in Discord, expect there to be mature content and occasional NSFW content.


Griefing and thievery is explicitly prohibited; the admins use plugin tools to identify vandals, and are able to deal with them appropriately. If you grief, don’t expect mercy. The server is set to hardmode, so hunger can kill and monsters are somewhat beefy, which means that shields and armor are a must. There are plenty of farms around the spawn area which you can harvest if you’re in a pinch, just be sure to replant to keep it going.

Mostly keep in mind:

  • Don’t be a jerk (don’t grief or steal; be friendly, don’t whine, that general idea).
  • No AFK mob grinders or item farms – (see here)
  • No ranks or mods; the only player with administrative permissions is alexkohnen and Snorlaxian.
  • Items lost to death or mishap cannot be returned; however, if you have been griefed, simply inform the admins via Discord (link at the top & bottom of this post). Admin tools help to identify and reverse griefer damage easily.


As mentioned earlier, our spawn area is open to the community and is free to build in (so long you don’t build upon or impede someone else). Our world’s seed uses a custom world-generation preset, giving the terrain a little bit more oomph. Expect the occasional large, pillaring mountain, rolling and prominent hilltops, and other varied landscapes that won’t be found in a vanilla-preset world. Chains of floating islands and other Escherian-like oddities dot the land, so get exploring!

  • The community has been running for over 6 years, and the current world started with the the release of the 1.12 update. Our worlds tend to run for about a year, or until a major update; regardless, map resets will happen eventually.

  • We use minimal plugins for this reason, as well as to maintain the server’s Vanilla nature. The only notable plugins are a death counter in the tab list and privatized chests.

  • We use a Discord Server, and it is our best means of communication and sticking together. Minecraft isn’t the only game we play. Some other games we play include Overwatch, Rocket League, Golf With Your Friends, PUBG, and ARK: Survival Evolved, along with several more. We all often hang out in voice chat playing other things together, or even when we’re doing nothing at all. Come join, and hang out to get to know us!

  • We currently have a DynMap. We don’t always run DynMap, especially when we have a brand new map, but here’s the address to what we have right now: http://LittleDigPlanet:8090/


Discord is preferred for joining our server. We have a healthy player base, so we aren’t just looking for extra numbers to pad our activity stats. Rather, we want people who are actually interested in getting to know eachother and be part of the community.

Joining the server is most simple by using Discord – Whitelisting is handled by Azander, Snorlaxian and his minions Stygma and ntoskrnl. Join the #minecraft text channel, tell us about yourself, why you want to join, what you like to do in Minecraft, etc. We’d like to get to know you!

If you don’t use Discord, it’s not as likely you’ll be whitelisted, but feel free to leave a message here or send me a PM telling me about yourself and what you’re looking for in a server.

Hope to hear from you folks soon 😀

/r/Littledigplanet – Vanilla SMP – Whitelisted

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Discord – Come join us and say hi!