Liberty Minecraft [SMP] {Economy} {ChestShop} …

Liberty Minecraft [SMP] {Economy} {ChestShop} {Dynmap} {Ranks} {1.12.2}


[1] Read and understand the rules.
[2] Everything you claim is yours. If it’s not your claim, it’s not yours.
[3] Resolve nonviolent disputes with nonviolence.
[4] Malicious Hacking and/or X-raying through blocks is not permitted.

Liberty Minecraft is focused on voluntary interaction, competition, innovation, trade, property ownership, and hard work.

The World: Liberty Minecraft’s Over World is 7000 x 7000 blocks; about 19 square miles, roughly the size of Manhattan Island, New York. The Nether is the same size as the Over World. The End is 10x larger.

Money: In Liberty Minecraft diamonds are money. All of the money that exists in the world is diamonds. Except for barter, all prices are expressed in terms of diamonds. If you see a price of $100, the price you see is 1/10th of a diamond. There are a finite number of Diamonds in our world. If you throw a diamond into lava then less money will exist in the world. Players can split their diamond into $1000 at the Diamond exchange located at spawn.

Property: All resources and products are created by the players. All prices are set by supply and demand. Players may own property and trade it. No one may use your property without your consent. This includes your player character. You may engage in combat by turning it on.

Economics: Our Economy is Real. All Items are player created or discovered. The money is Diamonds. In 2017 our players engaged in more than 100,000 transactions for player discovered and produced items. Three large trade centers exist today and more are being created now. Anyone may choose to create a marketplace at any time. More than 10,000 hours were played in 2017.

History: Liberty Minecraft was created in December 2015 after I saw and experienced what happens when an incompetent or corrupt server operator runs with the money and leaves players without answers. I created Liberty Minecraft to provide a better option.

Player Guides: To help you get started and earn your first buck, claim your first shelter I’ve created a guide: Your First Day in 10 Steps.

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