Devoted NZ [SMP] Hosted in New …

Devoted NZ [SMP]

Hosted in New Zealand, opened just now with 50 slots. On version 1.12.2

Idea is rpg survival pvp, it is based on the original Devoted series and also CivCraft.

There are ways to protect chests and ur buildings but not entirely as with enough effort any griefer can destroy or rob your base. However it can be significantly difficult to raid a base on day 1 of playing and raiders may be imprisoned such that they cannot raid or steal from anyone, until released/freed.

The rpg elements will be implemented as the server progresses, in particular combat rebalances will be made. Features such as the end/nether have been disabled. Elytra is disabled. Additional mobs/dungeons will be made to let people still get nether/end items/blocks.

New players should either start their own town or join an existing one. The only rules are no hacking or exploitation. Xray is allowed.