Cafe Stifflered 1.13 Snapshot Server [Vanilla]…

Cafe Stifflered 1.13 Snapshot Server [Vanilla]

I created a 1.13 (18w15a) server for myself and others to play around on and try out the new features. This server may or may not stick around for the long term, but right now it’s a great way to chat with others about the new mechanics.

I’m also recording video clips of player builds and will show them off on my channel in the very near future. Send me the coords of your build and I may add it in and give you credit.


Ask me for Creative and it’s yours. I don’t want to ban people, but I will.

Rules & Guidelines:

Breaking any rules will result in first a warning, then a 1 day ban, and finally a permanent ban.

  • Keep the discussion PG.
  • Discriminatory language will result in a permanent IP ban. No racism, sexism, religious discrimination, or other type of hate speech will be tolerated, and I will look through the logs to see if it comes up.
  • No advertising other servers. Not cause I don’t support you creators, it’s just that spam is annoying.
  • Survival players should travel rather far from spawn to reduce chance of being griefed. If I need to create a separate Creative world, I will.
  • If I give you Creative and you touch another player’s build, I’ll immediately IP ban you.
  • World is backed up at least daily, so if someone griefs your build I can hopefully restore it.
  • I’ll update the server with every snapshot that’s released, so be aware that some mechanics may change or break in the short term.

Join the Discord for more information or to chat with other players (or ask me for creative mode). There have been about a dozen of us online at some point recently and it’s been good times. Looking forward to having you with us!