Tempus Realms [SMP] {1.12.2}{Towny}{Economy}{M…

Tempus Realms [SMP] {1.12.2}{Towny}{Economy}{McMMO}{MythicDrops}

  • Server Name: Tempus Realms
  • Server Location: North America
  • Website: TempusRealms.co
  • Wiki: http://TempusRealms.co/wiki
  • Server Address: TempusRealms.co
  • Version: 1.12.2
  • Game Play Type/s: [Semi-Vanilla][SMP][Towny][Economy][McMMO]

Tempus Realms was originally founded in 2013, and saw Minecraft grow through some pretty exciting times. It underwent many changes along the way, and eventually due to outside circumstance we were forced to close the doors. Now, in 2018, we aim to make a massive comeback, with a highly polished revamp of the original features our players knew and loved, along with heaps of improvements and new content galore. Tempus Realms aims to reinvigorate the classic sense of Survival Multiplayer, with a heavy focus on player-to-player interaction and economy. We invite you to join our family, we’d love to meet you! Check out our Starting Guide for more information about our server.

  • Rules: Respect Everyone; No hacked clients or exploitation; No advertising; / Official Rules

  • Server Hardware: i7 4790k @4.0Ghz | 32GB RAM | 250GB SSD | Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Plugins: [Essentials] [Towny] [Vault] [Jobs] [McMMO] [BossShopPro] [MythicMobs] [MythicDrops] [ProdigyGadget] [SimplePets] [OpenTerrainGen] [Citizens]
  • Owner & Admins: SlayG, EnviMea, JFK, Meerandi, 191Trout
  • Pictures/Videos URL: Trailer Video | Imgur Album