Straight Up Survival [SMP][Anarchy][Semi-Vanil…

Straight Up Survival [SMP][Anarchy][Semi-Vanilla] {No Protection}{1.12.2}

Server Name: StraightUpSurvival

Server Location: Arizona, USA

Website: (work in progress)

Subreddit: /r/straightupsurvival


Server Address:

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2


StraightUpSurvival is a competitive style server. Raiding, griefing, and pvp are encouraged. Players who join StraightUpSurvival often mention that this is the first server they have played on in years. We are simple and true to the game. We do not support any sort of added plugin protection. No one can claim land, lock chests, or disable PVP.

When you first join, you’ll find yourself in a simple spawn room on a simple spawn platform. Once you drop off the platform, PVP is enabled. Around the platform we have set up some structures to PVP on. Surrounding the structures is a broken down wall. travel a few blocks past the wall and you can now build. We suggest you build at least 10,000 blocks away from spawn for your own protection as raiding, and griefing are allowed. The world border is 30000. We have installed SimpleClans but have disabled any sort of protection. Simple clans allows you and friends to team up, create a clan home (/clan home set) and work together. Build your wildest dreams. Collect huge storages, seek out and raid other bases. PVP with your best gear at spawn.



  • Server History

    StraightUpSurvival has been running on and off for ~6 years. Each time we reset the server we call it a new Generation. Current generation: 2018.1 began in early January.

  • Changes from Vanilla Minecraft

    • Players can create clans. (/clan)
    • Players can teleport with an eight second delay to:
      1. Spawn (/spawn)
      2. Their personal home (/sethome, /home)
      3. Their clan home (/clan set home, /clan home)
      4. Other players (/tpa <player>, /tpaccept)
      5. Warps we may set (/warp <warpname>)
    • Player will hear a “ding” noise when someone says their name in chat.
    • Ore generation has been reduced.
    • Zombie pigmen do not drop gold of any kind.
    • Spawners can be obtained with any silk touch pickaxe.
    • Ender chests are disabled.
  • Donations

    We have a donor position for those who donate to StraightUpSurvival. Donations are helpful and keep the server running. Donor Perks: Supporting and donating to sus will provide you with:

    • A Gold Name instead of a Grey name.
    • The ability to change spawners (/spawner <mob>) to Zombie, ZombiePigman, and Skeleton.
    • An aesthetic Donor kit:
      • Official Admin Feather (Feather with custom name)
      • Official Donor leather armour (Dyed Gold)
      • Mawcks’ Head
      • Zerek’s Head
      • Wasted_Ticks’ Head
    • The ability to go onto “Donor Property” below spawn.

Server Rules

  1. No 3rd party tools which give a competitive advantage.
  2. Adhere to the Admin’s Directions.


  • Admins: Zerek, Wasted_Ticks
  • Observer : Mawcks
  • Moderators: JYDawg

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