Solarcraft [SMP] {Custom Enchantments} {Jobs} …

Solarcraft [SMP] {Custom Enchantments} {Jobs} {Flyingcarts} {Backpacks} {Eggcatcher} {Discord} {GriefPrevention} {1.12.2}

Hello there. Have you been searching for a server that is both simplistic, yet nostalgic of the old minecraft SMP days back when minecraft was cool? Come check out Solarcraft! A server that respects the aspects of minecraft vanilla/SMP, but with a spice added in the mix.

Our story

Now that I have your attention, here’s our story! We are a long time running community which was formed back in 2011, and over the years we’ve been playing minecraft together in an attempt to run our version of what a minecraft SMP server should really be. We like to respect the normal aspects of minecraft vanilla, but in an additional twist, run a unique array of plugins and features that allows a wider list of options for a player to choose from, in an attempt to further improve gameplay!

But do not be concerned; these features are only options. We do not, and will not force or restrict players from certain types of gameplay. So whether you want to just play minecraft vanilla, or you want some spice to your gameplay; it’s your choice! We are not a pay2play server; meaning we do not offer unfair advantages in exchange for cash. We do give the option to donate for a rank which is purely cosmetic, but only in choice of supporting the server.

But above all of that; we are mostly community ran, meaning we change and improve based on how the community wants it. Don’t like how something works or you want to see something on our server? Tell us! We love getting ideas and criticism.

For those who like features; we do offer plugins such as our Custom enchantments, a list of new and cool enchants! We offer other features, like Flying/Auto-moving carts, Mypets, Zhorse, mcmmo, marriage, Silktouch-Spawners, Jobs, and even our cross-chat discord!

Oh yes, we have a Discord server too. We like to base our community especially around discord, where you can chat, discuss, and show just about anything! We don’t like censorship; but keep it clean!

Our server and community is protected by a clear rules-system, enforced by our staff team. Our staff members are active both on the server and discord. They will be able to help you and answer your questions, as well as protect the server from any rule breakers. As such, here is our list of rules;

  1. Be respectful towards other players.
  2. Do not spam in chat or use excessive caps.
  3. Do not advertise on our server.
  4. Do not steal or grief other player builds, protected or unprotected.
  5. PVP is allowed, but do not continuously try to kill other players (Stop when told to stop). Givebacks are required unless it is a PVP match and both parties agree on whether or not to giveback
  6. Do not abuse any glitches or exploits you find; instead, report them to staff.
  7. No hacking. We do not allow the use of Xray packs, either.
  8. Use common sense, we’re all here to have fun.

We are open 24/7 with restarts every 12 hours to ensure the best server performance. If you are interested in our server, then please consider playing on Solarcraft!

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