SimPvP [SMP] [PvP] [Semi-Vanilla] [Anarchy] {N…

SimPvP [SMP] [PvP] [Semi-Vanilla] [Anarchy] {Never Resets}

Server Address:

Owner: Yukarion

Rules: No hacking, including flymod, xray, or any other mod which confers a significant gameplay advantage. Also, no doxxing.

Description: SimPvP is an anarchy server where killing, stealing, and griefing are allowed at all times. The server is set to hard mode, and there are no kits, vote rewards, /home, or any other advantages that you wouldn’t have on a standard singleplayer world. To survive here takes determination, skill, and more than a little luck.

But we aren’t only a PvP server. Players have formed teams to build large bases and cities in hidden locations:

We have gone over six years without a map reset, and never plan to have one. That means there are hundreds of amazing ruins to explore, and it also means that what you build here will remain indefinitely, to be explored by other players for years to come, and someday find itself in the history of the server.

Come give SimPvP a try! Just remember not to hack please.