New Blocks [Modded] {1.12.2} {Whitelist} {20+}…

New Blocks [Modded] {1.12.2} {Whitelist} {20+}


Server Location: Quebec, Canada

Mod-pack: Custom 1.12.2

Mods List:

Age Requirement: 20+ (Rare exceptions)

Discord Contact (Admin & Co-Owner): CriticalFlaw#2237

Rules: No harassment, no server advertisement, listen to the admins

New Blocks is a private, adult, custom 1.12.2 mod-pack server, the pack is created by myself to be a minimalist tech-oriented pack. There are no quests, no goals, and no OP resource gathering mods like chickens, fluid cows/minimoos, or karat garden. This pack is designed to have as few mods as possible, while not sacrificing anything you could otherwise do on a modded server. Your goals might be a bit more challenging to achieve, but everything is still possible. If Foolcraft is an easy pack, and Modern Skyblock 3 is an expert pack, you can consider this a moderate pack. it limits your option, but it also doesn’t force you down a direct path.

Being that this is a modded server, and that we don’t ban any items, the goal isn’t to have this be a very large community, so we are selective of who we let in, but if the above sounds like your thing, feel free to add me on Discord and let’s see if we can get you playing with us soon!