Crafter’s MC [Semi-Vanilla] [PVE] {Commu…

Crafter’s MC [Semi-Vanilla] [PVE] {Community oriënted} {Whitelist}

Greetings fellow redditors and minecrafters! I’m Scrubnaught, a moderator on Crafter’s MC, and I’d like to introduce you to our new semi-vanilla Minecraft server: Crafter’s MC, where we strive to make a flourishing new community on a brand new map. If you’re a dedicated player that likes to meet new people and chat while exploring and building? Then you might be interested in what we have to offer:

✔️ We’re near vanilla, we have plugins to make life easier and more rewarding such as: Dynmap. TreeAssist, Silkspawners and of course Coreprotect to keep your buildings safe from people who do not intend to join us for fun.

✔️ We’re 100% legitimate, our staff have access to limited commands, as does the owner, so we’ll always be equal to you.

✔️ We’re community focused, we use democracy for most decisions such as the adding of plugins and enforcing of rules, so the community makes the final choice! Our spawn is represented by our community, anyone may add to it and suggest new community builds.

✔️ We have community events, anyone can make a suggestion at any time, talk to a staff member and before you know it, enjoy an event hosted by the community and for the community.

Does that sound to your liking? Take a look at our rules then:

[1] No hacking or block duping.

[2] No griefing, using Coreprotect, griefing will be made undone and the perpetrator banned.

[3] No stealing, if it’s not yours, don’t grab it by permission. This excludes farms as long as they’re replanted.

[4] PVP is consent only

[5] No hateful speech directed towards a member in-game or in Discord, there’s space for friendly banter.

[6] No creating of malicious content in-game, this includes symbolism.

If you still think our server would be better with you in it, then copy and paste the application below and apply to join! If you’d like a quicker response you can add me on Discord (Scrubnaught#7900) or send me a private message.

In-game name:



What about us stood out to you?

How would you fit in with us?

What’s your MC skillset?

List 5 words that discribe you:

I look forward to reading your applications!