CraftBlock [SMP][PvE] {Towny}{SkyBlock}{Creati…

CraftBlock [SMP][PvE] {Towny}{SkyBlock}{Creative}{Vanilla}{1.12.2}

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CraftBlock is a 5-year old community that’s built on keeping a friendly atmosphere for all players. Here, you can choose to play on our multiple servers and have fun with your friends.

– Towny

Also called our original CraftBlock server, where you can join in or create towns, get a job or two, become rich and enchant your items with Tokens, and much more.

This server has a lot of features, and it’s fun exploring everything you can do. Here, we’re more about building, so the higher the rank you apply for, the more creative-ish perks you’ll earn. Oh, and keep your inventory on death, so don’t worry about losing your items when you fall into lava from mining.

– SkyBlock

Also known as Aero, our SkyBlock server has auto-rank, so work your way up and try to get to the highest rank, build mod-like mechanics with Slimefun, and more.

– Vanilla

AKA Choco, the server to go to when you’re sick of the plugins. This server is simple. We do have some anti-griefing tools, but that’s it

.– Creative

AKA Forge, where you can get a plot and build. This is a beta server and we’re starting simple. One rank, one very large plot. Voting here will also get you an hour of WorldEdit.

– COMING SOON: Mini-Games

A server that will have great maps, and amazing mini-games. Stay tuned.Interested? Great, here’s some Rules to go by first.


  • Family Friendly! – Consider us a PG-13 server!
  • No Hacks allowed! Play legit! 🙂
  • No spamming!
  • No Trolling! keep calm & play. We’re a nice and respective community, just don’t try to ruin everyone’s day!

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