Cash Prizes at Axiomatic Gaming [SMP] IP: Axi…

Cash Prizes at Axiomatic Gaming [SMP]


How can you get cash prizes:

Every month the top players on Axiomatic Gaming with the highest economic statistics are given a minimum prize of $10. This value increases as server activity increases. There are no requirements to receieve prizes except having a paypal account. We will be implementing referrel codes so you receive ingame currency for referring a friend. Always type /money top to see the top balances and who’s the closest to getting prizes!

We plan to be giving away donator ranks the the first few people who join. We have a dedicated server computer which automatically backs up your progress daily. We are also looking for server administrators, but obviously asking wont get anyone that.


I have had experience hosting gaming servers in the past. I am a Java Developer and plan to write some of my own plugins once I get the time. I am serious when it comes to fair play especially when there’s money up for grabs. – Bailey (Owner)

Rules: No Racism…. I don’t think I need to list all of them, it’s common sense, dont be annoying and good things will come your way! 🙂