AzertuMC [SMP][PvE] {Towny}{Economy}{MCMMO}{1….

AzertuMC [SMP][PvE] {Towny}{Economy}{MCMMO}{1.12.2}

Hello everyone,

AzertuMC is a brand new Towny server. The goal of this server is play friendly survival minecraft with no griefing allowed. The Towny plugin will allow players to claim their own piece of land, invite players to it and create the base/town/city they always wanted.

General Information

With plugins such as Towny, MCMMO, Jobs, Mythicdrops and a ton of custom features we have quite a custom and unique server where players can enjoy playing survival minecraft. The friendly community on this server will accept any new player as their friend in a very short period of time and will be glad for you to join them on the server. The server does not have an admin shop so the economy is 100% ran by the players playing on this server. The server overall has a great balanced economy and the Jobs plugin is monetized on the daily bases to make sure there are no imbalances.

We often run events to create a positive mood on the server. Everyone likes to be hyped about cool an unique events, where people can get custom and unique rewards.


With a basic set of rules that are all listed on our website ( we strive to keep the environment friendly and family friendly at all possible times. We try to have staff online at all possible time to make sure the chat stays pg. Of course a small joke here and there will be allowed as long as it is clearly a joke. You can find all age ranges on our server so it shouldn’t be hard to find some friends that have a similar age to you. The staff on the server has over 2+ years experience with Towny servers and know what they are doing.

What are you waiting for? Trying it out ain’t gonna hurt someone 🙂