Pottercraft 1.12.2 [PVP] [Semi-vanilla] {UK} {…

Pottercraft 1.12.2 [PVP] [Semi-vanilla] {UK} {Harry Potter} {Kingdoms} {1.12.2} {Harry Potter}

Welcome to Pottercraft!

We are a Harry Potter themed server, with many cool plugins like the Magic plugin, Vampire plugin, GeometricMagic and more!

The server is mostly surrounded by Kingdoms PvP (It’s like Factions, but a tad bit more complicated)

We’re a pretty small community, ranging around 2-10 players depending on timezones, our staff is also willing to help you with any of your problems!

Social Media Enjin: https://pottercraft.enjin.com/

Rules: https://pottercraft.enjin.com/rules

Discord: https://discord.gg/Fw7JeRz