TeroMC [SMP]{1.12.2}{Earth Map}{Dynmap}{Towny}…

TeroMC [SMP]{1.12.2}{Earth Map}{Dynmap}{Towny}

TeroMC: The Outside World; Indoors
TeroMC is an Earth server. Our rules are very simple; they are:

  1. Don’t spam.
  2. Don’t hack.
  3. Don’t piss players off excessively.

We have extra items, mostly plants and guns. Our map is a 1:1500 scale of Earth; with the end being the moon. Gold is the currency; meaning that all currency is susceptible to war. We pay close attention to polls conducted formally on the Discord for player ideas. Diplomacy is very important in functioning. Just like the real world; history is written by the players. Democracies and Monarchies are also usable; allowing for players to use more than dictatorships without risk of corruption. However: if you are easily triggered, this server is not for you. We’ve already had 3 Nazi empires so far.