Solarcraft [SMP] {Custom Enchantments} {Jobs} …

Solarcraft [SMP] {Custom Enchantments} {Jobs} {Flyingcarts} {Discord} {GriefPrevention} {1.12.2}

Hi there. Looking for an SMP server you just want to sit down and play on, no trouble needed, and a mature community you can have fun with? We can provide that experience! Solarcraft is a long time community running since 2011. For over the years we’ve strived to keep improving and building our server to become a mature, fun server that still keeps the aspects of the original intent of minecraft in mind. Although we aren’t extremely advanced in gameplay, we still offer some features that add a fun little twist to the game. Zenchantments– Our custom enchantments plugin, which gives you a wide variety of added custom enchantments you can get from tradition enchanting!

Flyingcarts– A plugin that allows minecarts to move automatically, and fly!

Jobs– A plugin to earn money from doing specific actions

Mypet– A pets plugin that allows you to claim any mob as your pet!

SilktouchSpawners– Gives you the ability to mine and pick up any spawner with a silktouch pickaxe!

Discord+Chat– We have a discord you can access via /discord in game, and we even have cross linked chats between discord and minecraft!

Voting Rewards+Ranks– Voting gives you a random assortment of rewards, and we have ranks that grants you abilities such as /fly

Lockette+GriefPrevention– To protect your chests and your land.

We set the server on hard to offer a challenge too. Gear up!

As such, with our gameplay, we also strive the keep our servers clean and well maintained from trouble, and as such we ask those who wish to play on our server to follow some general but simple rules.

  1. Be respectful towards other players.
  2. Do not spam in chat or use excessive caps.
  3. Do not advertise on our server.
  4. Do not steal or grief other player builds, protected or unprotected.
  5. PVP is allowed, but do not continuously try to kill other players (Stop when told to stop). Givebacks are required unless it is a PVP match and both parties agree on whether or not to giveback
  6. Do not abuse any glitches or exploits you find; instead, report them to staff.
  7. No hacking. We do not allow the use of Xray packs, either.
  8. Use common sense, we’re all here to have fun.

Our staff members are friendly and will provide assistance whenever needed. As such, we hope you can have a wonderful time on our server.

(We are actually looking for staff too, and we’ll take anybody who will be active on our servers)