HeartillyCraft [SMP][PvE]{Shops}{Economy}{McMM…

HeartillyCraft [SMP][PvE]{Shops}{Economy}{McMMO}

IP: Play.HeartillyCraft.Com

Website: www.HeartillyCraft.com

HeartillyCraft FAQ’s: FAQs Google Doc

If you’re looking for an SMP server, why don’t you try HeartillyCraft for the holiday season? We’ve just done a complete server reboot (as of November 15) which means our world map is completely brand new, as are our ranks and economy. You won’t feel like just another number here, but rather a part of a new family that truly sticks together. Those who play here are the type that keep coming back, even after a short break, because we’re all very close. In fact, I’m humbled to know so many cool people, and I would love to welcome you into the mix.

Key Commands People Ask About:

  • /TPA – Teleport to friends at Lvl 1

  • /RandomTP or /RTP – Randomly teleport to a location in our Overworld at Lvl 1. (There is a 15 minute cool down time for this.)

  • /iFly – a HeartillyCraft original plugin that allows players to purchase flight time for $3.50/second at Lvl 7

  • /Back – Go back to your last location (or death point) for a fee of $500

  • /Home – Begin with 1 home slot and earn 1 more every 5 Lvls (costs $1,000 to /sethome to prevent abuse of constantly deleting and resetting new homes for fast travel)

  • /Workbench, /Enderchest, /me – available at various rank Lvls

Why join?

  • Our tutorial is fast and simple once you join, just read what the NPC says and it’s over before you know it, plus it gives you some useful items before venturing out into the open world

  • We are always up to date as soon as our server is able to

  • We are not pay to win EVER

  • We have simple Grief Prevention

  • We are PvE only

  • We are on the hard setting to give a more dangerous feel to the world

  • We have Discord, Facebook and website that players may use/visit at anytime.

  • You’ll always have something to do

  • You can open a shop house at spawn

  • We slowed down the progression time of McMMO for longevity

  • We have a skin contest every month for the chance to win BIG in game money

  • Your build(s) can become part of our showcased places to visit

Server Rules:

  • No cheating or hacking of any kind, this is a forever ban offence

  • No AFK machines due to rank exploits

  • No X-Raying (this is considered cheating, but I feel the need to say it anyway)

  • Always claim your own land, chests and builds

  • Try not to build within 500 blocks of your neighbor(s) unless granted permission

  • Do not discuss vulgar sexual content, religion, politics, race, gender identity and/or other controversial topics in the global chat

  • Do not spam any form of chat

  • Do not harass your fellow players

  • Do not attempt to kill your fellow players

  • Don’t be a know it all, miserable, smarty-pants ass hat that only has negative things to say all of the time. Nobody likes that kind of person.

  • Have fun!

IP: Play.HeartillyCraft.Com