GoonBox [SMP] [Vanilla] Server Name: GoonBox …

GoonBox [SMP] [Vanilla]

Server Name: GoonBox
Server Location: Germany
Version: 1.12.2
Type of server: SMP, Vanilla, Whitelist
Discord: GoonBox
Server: 16GB, with a 20 player cap
Other features:
* World Border of 5k
* Client Side Mod friendly (ie Scamatica, mini map)
* Active Discord Group

The primary focus of our server is to expand the limits of what is practically feasible in survival minecraft by working as a team to build massive farms. We will then use the resources from said farms to decorate/incorporate them into aesthetically pleasing creations. We are seeking technically oriented players as well as builders interested in collaborating on these large scale projects.

* Automate as much as possible on a scale at which the entire server is provided for.
* Build in/transform every biome
* Build with every block (obviously, some blocks will be used more prominently/frequently than others)

Rules for GoonBox:
* No griefing
* You break it, you fix it.
* No personal bases, we create massive group projects instead.
* Meetings are every last Saturday of the month.
* Farms are be built in there biome specific area. I.E. cactus farm in the desert or cocoa bean farm in the jungle.
* Make EVER build look as impressive as it works.

Want to give it a try
We are looking for players that want push the limits of what can be done in servival Minecraft. If you have ever wanted to build a massive tower to the sky, this might be the server for you! We NOT only are looking for tech focused players. We want to make ever build look as good as it functions. So if you have an artistic come check us out!
* Join our discord
* Fill out the application
* Get to know your future Goons