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Gates of Aevony [Hub][SMP][Creative][Minigames] {Factions}{McMMO}{Economy}{Skyblock}{Kits}{Jobs}{Cosmetics}{Plots}

Gates of Aevony



We are a server network with SMP factions, Minigames, Creative and PvP

Spawn server This is where you spawn when connecting. Play various inventory games like Cookie Clicker, 2048, Connect 4 and more. Claim your daily rewards and redeem your vote keys.

Survival server All survival gameplay is here. In the main world, we have Factions. We have another world too for people who love PvP and raiding. It has our own custom plugin for protecting your base. Gaining McMMO gives you access to different level specific kits. These kits are free to use once a week. You can earn money with /jobs, trade with other people and much more.

Minigames server

Skyblock, Skywars, Spleef, Paintball, K.O.T.L, parkour, and build battle.

Creative server You start with a 50×50 plot. You can earn higher ranks by building something good. Higher ranks will give you more and bigger plots. You also have world edit that can help you! Vote for our server to get temporary access to extra worldedit commands such as copy, paste, brush and more.

General stuff you can earn money with /shop sell, /jobs, /vote, playing minigames, claiming daily rewards or by asking others.

Basic rules No griefing/raiding in survival worlds. No hacking. No excessive swearing. Be mature. Do not advertize your server. No staff position will be given for free.

Come over and help us grow!