Fantasia Universe [SMP][Hub][Minigames][Creati…

Fantasia Universe [SMP][Hub][Minigames][Creative] {Family Friendly}{1.12.2}{Survival/Peaceful}{SlimeFun}{Economy}{McMMO}{Skyblock}

The Fantasia Universe has been online for 7+ years. We are a free-to-play multiverse with several worlds developed to appeal to a variety of players. The Fantasia community is friendly, welcoming, diverse, and tight-knit. We are always looking for new members!

Players can choose from 20+ mini-games, design and create, join a community run town, play the modded survival mode SlimeFun, play Skyblock or hide away in the Fantasian wilderness. Whatever your preference or play style, Fantasia has a match for you! Visit us at for more info!

Server Address: Hosting Location: USA, East Coast
Player Base: Global (including USA, Canada, Northern Europe, and Australia)

Server features:
• Devoted and reliable staff team, 24/7 access server
• Beautifully constructed spaces, designed for any preferred Resource Pack (based on the game’s default textures)
• 5 distinct worlds (+Hub) to explore with more planned for release!
• Easily access world portals from anywhere on the server using simple commands (ex. /Fantasia, /Artifex, or /Hub)
• Player ranks earned through active play time
• VIP perks available through donation and free tournaments
• The primary map and economy have been recently refreshed (only once every 2+ years) • Easy to use land and chest protections (Residence & LWC)
• A devoted Minigames world including favourites such as: Mob Arena, Spleef, Bomberman, Death Cube and more! From PVP to puzzles, casinos and parkour!
• Easy to use menus available in all worlds to assist with navigation, plugins, & links

Server Rules Overview:
• Absolutely NO Griefing or Raiding! (Griefing = changing something that has been built by another player with signs, adding, or removing blocks, flooding or setting fires)
– Allow a 15+ block distance between your build and other players’ builds
NO ADVERTISING OTHER SERVERS and no spamming. This applies to all chat channels (factions, parties and PMs as well). Please do not advertise us on other servers either!
• ONLY English in Global chat. No excessive capitalization and no cursing. You ARE allowed to speak other languages in PMs, provided it follows all chat rules.
• Respect ALL players and staff! No racism, sexism, bigotry, or other discriminatory comments (including religion, sexual preference, education, financial status, etc.). Do not demand or talk down upon players of ANY RANK.
NO RANK BEGGING. Ranks are earned by time in-game or donation. Staff are chosen through applications. You will be promoted if and when Staff see fit.
• No abusing rank privileges either paid or free. If caught abusing them, it will result in punishment.
• No client mods that give unfair advantages over other players, such as hack/cheat mods (ex. x-ray mods are not permitted)
• For the complete list of Server rules please visit

We look forward to having you join us in the Fantasia Universe!

Kind regards, ~chm2309