Everfree Server [PVE][Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.2}{S…

Everfree Server [PVE][Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.2}{Survival Builders}{Older Players Only}{Whitelist}{Dynmap}{5 years old}

  • Description: Everfree is a non-PVP survival build server designed for older players to relax and build at your leisure, knowing that your work will remain untouched (unless you ask someone to help with something!) even if you do not play often, know that you can return any time and continue where you left.

Feel free to join a public build site, or start your own private site! We also have a live web map (Dynmap) to help you see all of our sites.

This is a free server and no one will ever ask for donations – and no donations will be accepted. There are no perks and everyone is equal. Our current players are from the U.S, Europe, and Australia.

No maps resets, ever!