DimensionKraft [SMP][PvE] {Shops}{Economy}{Fac…

DimensionKraft [SMP][PvE] {Shops}{Economy}{Factions}{GriefPrevention}{Dynmap}{Discord}

Welcome to DimensionKraft. We are a diverse server allowing you to open up and build what you like in our nice custom built world, we also have a PVP world for those excitement seekers out there where they can fight other players and survive off the land. We’re very open, accepting suggestions and allowing building for everyone (even when you’re new!). We are always trying to improve our server by building towns, taking recommendations into consideration, and even just providing activities for our players to take part in. You have the freedom to take part in our economy and to use our efficient public farms, or be a ‘loner’ and live on your own. Our friendly staff is always there to help you if you have any issues or questions.

We offer multiple features to amp up players gameplay!

  • Large spawn
  • Admin shops and playershops
  • Factions to allow players create their own groups of friends
  • GriefPrevention to protect players belongings
  • Discord community interaction

We have hosted multiple servers in the past and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Bring your friends, your brothers, and sisters, EVEN your mother if it so pleases you!

Visit our website or join our server @ dimensionkraft.com

We as that players keep five simple rules in mind:

  1. Respect staff and your fellow players

  2. No griefing or stealing of others’ property

  3. Hacks and advertizements warrant a permanent ban

  4. Use common sense!

If any rules are broken staff will reprimand players accordingly.

IP: dimensionkraft.com