CMPS [Modded] [PvE] {1.12.2} {Whitelist} Serv…

CMPS [Modded] [PvE] {1.12.2} {Whitelist}

Server Name: The Custom Modpack Server
Owner: Rob5251

What is the Custom Modpack Server?

The Custom Modpack Server is a whitelisted survival server hosting a custom modpack that is curated by the server owner and hosted on the Twitch launcher.

The idea behind this server was to put together a modpack that was handpicked and focused around tech. The advantage of having control over the modpack is that we can add or remove mods at will; and be sure that mods are current and up to date to avoid as many bugs as possible.

What is the map like?

Currently the server map is generated using Biomes O’ Plenty, as for ore generation I have removed all duplicate ores, opting for mainly the ones from Thermal Expansion (as I find them to be the best looking).

There is plenty of unique biomes and amazing building areas to be found, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Rougelike Dungeons and extras from Quark are also part of world generation, a few other mods in the pack add some stuff to worldgen as well.

Is there voice chat?

Yes, we have a Discord server, the link is available to registered users on our site.

Additional Information

Server Rules

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