Broken Empires [Hub] {Factions} {Creative} {Su…

Broken Empires [Hub] {Factions} {Creative} {Survival}

Broken Empires Minecraft Server


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Broken Empires aims to be a well developed Minecraft community. The server currently has creative, factions, and survival worlds, although the staff is totally open to developing more minigames and the like should players be interested. Broken Empires’ staff has been playing Minecraft since 2010 and running small servers off and on since Summer of 2011.

1. Do not hack or threaten to hack on this server.
2. Be respectful to all players at all times.
3. Use of third party applications to gain an edge over other players is forbidden. Usage of x-rayers etc will not be tolerated.
4. Do not impersonate staff members.
5. All issues should be reported to staff immediately. Do not tamper with evidence. Please take lots of screenshots.
6. All builds, chat, and actions need to be PG-13.
7. Advertisement of other servers is forbidden.
8. Griefing is only allowed on the Factions world.