AlphaCrafters SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Graylist} {1…

AlphaCrafters SMP [Semi-Vanilla] {Graylist} {1.12.2} {GriefPrevention}

Who are we?

AlphaCrafters is a 1.12.2 SMP server dedicated to keeping the core values of vanilla Minecraft. Many of us have played together on the server for over a year, others are newcomers from our most recent reset in late December of 2017. We have players from all over the world. Many are in the United States, but we also have players from South America, Europe, and Australia!

About the Server

AlphaCrafters is a greylist server, meaning anyone can join but you’ll have to apply and be accepted by a staff member in order to start building. Applying is simple: Just type /apply in game and complete the quick application. If a staff member is online, they will read the application and either accept or reject you. Our map is still fairly new, having reset December 21st. We are currently on 1.12.2, but plan on updating as Minecraft updates. Our goal is to keep this current map for at least a couple years if at all possible.


We do have a few plugins, mainly to protect the players. We use Grief Prevention in order to claim land to prevent griefing. Our claiming tool is a wooden shovel, making it easy to get and start claiming. Players gain 300 claim blocks for every hour played on the server. We also have Core Protect to see who has griefed in the very rare occasion that it happens. We also use our own custom plugin to provide “donator perks” which are activated for all players when we meet our donation goal for the month. These include death coordinates on death and a night skipping vote.


Our rules are simple:

  • No hacking/cheating (this includes x-rays)

  • No advertising

  • No griefing (including unclaimed land)

  • No stealing (even from unclaimed areas unless specifically posted that you’re allowed)

  • No AFK fishing (other AFK farms are fine)

  • No spamming

  • No PvP without consent

  • Respect ALL players


We do have a discord server in which a small group of us often talk. You don’t have to join the discord, but you’re welcome to join! Our discord server is:

Server IP

Last but of course not least, our server IP is and our website is Feel free to join today!


Here’s a few screenshots of some builds our players have been working on: