Stonewick [SMP]{18+}{Whitelist}{GriefPreventio…

Stonewick [SMP]{18+}{Whitelist}{GriefPrevention}{Economy}{DynMap}

Stonewick – A Tight-Knit Community of Friends

What We Offer

  • Dedicated Server
  • Active Staff
  • Wholesome Community
  • Weekly Events
  • Professional Leadership
  • Active in All Time Zones
  • A Place to Relax After Work


Who We Are

Our spawn was inspired by small-town living like the play style in beloved games such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. We like to love things like jobs, townships, player shops, and trading. Our goal is to provide vanilla-feel, with a few semi-vanilla benefits that make it a little easier and more fun. Some like to call it “vanilla with sprinkles”. We just call it fun! 😉 We are constantly having monthly holiday events and weekly get-togethers, game nights, build contests, and PvP events. We try to have something for everyone and teach those who want to learn.

We are a tight-knit group of players from all around the world who are looking for similar players to join our minecraft family. We keep active players in the range of 60 – 80, this means we sometimes close applications. We enjoy being a medium sized server as to not be overwhelming, but still maintain activity during all hours of the day. Because our players are so diverse, that typically means we are active at all hours of the day! We provide a fun atmosphere for players in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia on a dedicated server hosted in New York.

Our player base is well balanced, roughly 50/50 male/female and between the ages of 18 – 65 (so far). The majority of our players are between ages 25 – 50 and we also have a strong community of mature university students ages 18 – 25. Stonewick is co-owned by a married couple (jellyplz & pointyy) who are young at heart and hope to meet new friends on this journey! Our staff is well balanced with mature players both male and female from all over the world.

We aren’t just building blocks, we’re building friendships. The majority of our players are coming from console to PC or are just coming back to MC after a hiatus. We’re a very warm, friendly community and patient with all questions! It’s more fun to learn or relearn a game with friends to help along the way. 🙂 We are a community of mature adults who enjoy wholesome fun in Minecraft and other video games.


Key Aspects

No Grief – Protect your builds with Lockette and GriefPrevention. Our server runs block logging and anti-cheat plugins to protect ourselves from the bad guys. We use a comprehensive whitelist application to make sure we fully vet all our players.

DynMap – We use the DynMap plugin for all of our worlds so you can always keep tabs on where you are!

No Map Resets – We are dedicated to work hard so that our map is never reset. We know how much work you put into this world, we try our best to preserve it.

Player Economy – Our server economy is based on emeralds. We have player shops and trading that all function around our economy system.

Multi-World – We offer our main world, Stonewick SMP, which is where we play the majority time. We also have maps for Creative, UHC/resource, a second The End, and mini-games/custom maps that we switch out monthly.

Friendly Community – We pride ourselves on having the most welcoming community you will come across. We have newbie outreach projects and strive to make you feel like a part of our family as soon as you join.

Minimal Plug-Ins – The plug-ins we use are kept minimal to keep from breaking vanilla Minecraft. We consider ourselves “vanilla with sprinkles”. Plug-ins we use include: player shops, player sleep percentage (15%), custom brews (like beer), player crates, and custom NPCs/quests (minimal).

Command Block Warps – Members do not have /home, /spawn, /tp, or /warp. Instead, players who play up to 10 hours can apply to have 1 command block that teleports them to and from our Subway system at spawn and their base. This is completely optional, you can also use our Nether Hub for vanilla transportation.


Our Rules (Abbreviated)

  • Must be ages 18+, no exceptions.
  • Be kind and respectful to everyone.
  • Keep chat wholesome – No religion/politics/raging
  • PvP and pranks must be consensual.
  • Discord is mandatory (text, not voice)
  • No griefing, stealing, or lying.
  • No exploits, cheating, or tomfoolery.
  • Keep map clean – No stray benches, boats, torches.
  • No mass harvesting / deforestation
  • Build 200+ blocks from other players
  • No overworld highways/railways
  • No mob cramming
  • Read and follow policies on redstone and mob grinders

This is the very abbreviated version of our rules. In order to pass our whitelist application, you will need to read the full rules here.


Apply If

  • You are 18 or older (no exceptions!)
  • You love /r/wholesomememes
  • You are easy-going and mature
  • You enjoy making friends (we are a very friendly bunch)
  • You like a tidy map (no floating trees or craftbenches)
  • If this song describes what you’re looking for in a Minecraft Server
  • You like cool server events, prizes, and trophies
  • Rules about redstone and respecting players don’t bother you
  • You enjoy world building
  • You love the idea of working together as a community


How to Get Whitelisted

Because of the high volume of applications we receive, we have certain standards for our applicants. Our whitelist application requires knowledge of our rules and policies, so please take your time completing it. We look for reading comprehension, personality, and maturity when reviewing applications. Our application whitelist process involves community voting and has a 24 hour turn over time.


Find Us

We are proud of our reputation as a mature server with a welcoming community of good, honest people.