RENMX [SMP] {Towny}{1.12.2}{UK} Quick Informa…

RENMX [SMP] {Towny}{1.12.2}{UK}

Quick Information

  • Server Name: RENMX
  • Server Locale: United Kingdom, London
  • Website:
  • Server Address/IP:
  • Version: 1.12.2
  • Game Play Types: [SMP] {Towny}
  • Additional Worlds: Anarchy, Creative, Skyblock (We use BungeeCord)
  • PVP Status: Off by default, players have to enable it to PVP.

General Description

RENMX is a professionally run seven year old survival towny server with an active community. We are a medium sized server with between 25 to 35 players online at our peaks.

Our players and staff are friendly and approachable, we work hard to maintain a fun inclusive environment that encourages social play. You won’t find staff abusing their power, nor will you find players acting out or receiving attention for bad behaviour.

If you would like to read our rules you can find them at and you can find our full user guide intended for players at if you have any specific questions feel free to write those in a comment to this post.

Unique Features

We have two admin ranked programmers at RENMX and we work tirelessly to bring fun and engaging experiences to our server both through in-game plugins and web applications on our website. Not novelties but things you’ll actually find useful. Below is a list of some of our custom features.

  • Warehouse An unlimited storage for all your materials which supports automatic inventory management!
  • Cards Discover, acquire and collect more than 240 unique cards that have redeemable effects, items, abilities and custom artwork
  • Auctions Buy, auction and sell in-game items and cards with other players
  • Shop Buy and invest in items and abilities with in-game money for love and profit
  • Referrals Invite your friends to our server and earn in-game money while doing it
  • Payme Earn in-game money each minute just by playing. You can also increase how much you earn per minute through cards, votes and referrals.
  • Betting Bet your in-game money on our jackpot for your chance to win big!
  • Easter Eggs Hidden around our spawn you’ll find more than 25 playable puzzles. Each one is hand built by our players and staff with unique cards available for completing them.
  • Reporter Had your décor forcibly altered? Want to take over an abandoned build? Then our /report system has you covered, simply typing /report <message> will see your problem resolved quickly.
  • Private Messaging Our custom private messaging system works cross-server with single and group chat support, including contact lists, user/group aliases and fully browsable/searchable message history!
  • + Many More We have plenty more custom features including our passwordless web login system, chat helper bot, votifier system, player build image gallery, admin control panel, pvp toggler and custom craft recipes but to name a few

Common Features / General Amenities

We make use of many common plugins that provide standard features players have come to expect including private messaging, mailing, teleporting, web-based real-time mapping, in-game player operated chest-shops, colour formatted chat, block logging and so forth.

In addition to these common features we also offer facilities including a forum, IRC chat and a steam group.


As our rules are always being improved I would urge you to read our full and upto date rule list at our website but I have summarised the key points into the following paragraph

Don’t touch things that don’t belong to you, be nice to fellow players, don’t hassle players or staff, don’t spam in chat, don’t share links to adult content, no trolling, harassing, insulting, sexism, racism, homophobia or ageism and no advertising. Swearing is allowed but not excessively.

Server Specifications and Backup Policy

We run a very high end dedicated server of the following specification:

  • 2 x Intel XEON E5-2667v2 / 8 Cores, 16 Threads / 4GHz / 64 GB DDR3 ECC RAM / 1 x 512GB 850 Pro SSD + 256GB 850 Pro SSD (1 for OS & Databases and 1 for Minecraft) / 6 x 2TB RAID6 (Dedicated for Backups) / 400 Mbps Internet / 21 Minute UPS / pfSense Router / Anti-DDoS Protection

We take server backups very seriously and our approach consists of hourly and daily snapshots with 90 day retention. We backup absolutely everything and that means the worlds in which you modify blocks, our plugins with their settings and the server’s operating system.

Backups are performed to the 6 x 2TB RAID6 Array noted above with a secondary backup to a single 4TB external hard drive connected directly to the server via USB. We do frequent tests on our backup images to make sure they are functioning correctly and are readable.

Pictures and Videos

If you would like to see images of our server before you join you can do so at these are images submitted by our players. You can also visit our official YouTube channel at

Thank you for reading our server post and I hope to see you in-game!