Realms Survival [Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.2} {Disco…

Realms Survival [Semi-Vanilla] {1.12.2} {Discord} {Whitelisted}

Hello! Realms Survival is a small vanilla server that runs 1.12.2 with GriefProtection. We are currently accepting new members into our community! If you would like to join us, please apply in the comments.

FORMAT: What is your username? How old are you? Have you read the rules below and agree that you will be punished for breaking them? Why do you wish to join our server? How well do you get along with others? Anything that you wish to add.

RULES: 1. No griefing or raiding of any sort 2. Do not overuse profanity and do not direct mean comments towards others 3. Do not build on or near another’s property without their permission 5. No cheating (Hacked client’s, x-ray texture packs etc.) 6. Do not abuse someone physically or verbally 7. Respect all the individuals 8. Keep the world looking neat by cutting down the whole tree or filling in creeper holes that you caused 9. If there are any bugs or problems, please let me know! 10. No PvP unless both parties agree 11. Enjoy yourself!

If you are accepted, I will send you a DM here. Website: Discord: