Pinchcliffe SMP [PvE] {1.12.2} {Survival} {MCM…

Pinchcliffe SMP [PvE] {1.12.2} {Survival} {MCMMO} {Economy} {GriefPrevention} {MobArena}


About Us

We aim to be a small-medium sized survival server with an oldschool feel. We like the relaxed community atmosphere that comes with being part of a small-medium sized survival server. The server has been around for about 7 years. Both the server and the community have evolved greatly over this time and still continues to do so.

We are a PvE server with no griefing and no PvP (though we do have a PvP arena).




Our server features an economy system, wherein players can buy, sell, and trade items and services between each other, the market place, or the shopkeeper. Our shopkeeper sells nearly every item ingame, and likewise players can /sell nearly every item ingame. We also have a jobs system so you can earn a little money on the side. In addition to money, we also use "Merit" points, earned through completing daily tasks and voting. These can be used to purchase ranks, lucky blocks, etc. through the website store. 


We run a PvE server, so you won't find PvP or griefing in the survival world. We have a land claiming plugin in place to help you protect your homes and keep your valuables safe. As we are a PvE server, we include MobArena, where you can fight waves of monsters and bosses to earn money rewards. Our 3 MobArena maps are Call of Duty themed, including Highrise, Standoff, and Hijacked. For that PvP fix, you can take to /pvp where you can fight your fellow Minecrafters with the items you've earned in our Nuketown arena. 


We have mcMMO on Pinchcliffe, a plugin which implements a levelling system for various minecraft tasks, such as mining, woodcutting, taming, and archery. Level up by simply performing these tasks in your play time, and watch as these skills become more and more powerful. 

Custom World

Since vanilla worlds get really.. "samey", we have put a lot of work and time in to creating a beautiful custom world generator. We have a plethora of biomes never before dreamed of, all whilst keeping ore spreads etc. as close to vanilla as possible so things are pretty whilst fair and balanced. 

Extra Hard

Our server difficulty is currently set to hard. We have a plugin in place to increase the amount of monsters that spawn near the player, truly making nights something to fear. 


In addition to MobArena and a PvP arena, our server includes a custom built, custom coded parkour hub, so you can practice your jumping skills in up to 12 parkour stages when you need a break from surviving. 

Achievements and Daily Tasks

To keep you supplied with a goal moving forward, we have a custom made achievements system, where you can complete varying difficulties of tasks to receive varying qualities of rewards. Similarly, we have a daily task NPC so that each day you log in, you have a goal from the get-go, and an extra means of earning item/money/point rewards. 

Lucky Blocks

You've probably heard of these. We have the option of earning Lucky Blocks through achievements, or purchasing them through the points store. Upon breaking, the Lucky Block will give you a random reward, be it good or bad. We have over 100 possible custom rewards and counting, and in an attempt to stay vanilla-esque none of which are overly OP items. They can however include custom made items, such as Jukecubes which include 2 pages of real songs to play in noteblock format, Disco Blocks which change colours at random, making for great dance floors, and more! 

Server Info

Slots: 100


Notable Plugins: Spigot, Economy, Jobs, MCMMO, MobArena, GriefPrevention, Dynmap






1.) No hacking / bug abuse / exploits

2.) No griefing / stealing from other players homes / chests

3.) No spamming

4.) Treat all players with respect

5.) No cursing / foul language in excess

6.) No advertising (Servers)

7.) Don’t beg for staff ranks / items

8.) Don’t impersonate staff members / lie about staff decisions

9.) No overcrowded mob traps / animal farms

More info on these rules here.