Nathan Classic [Creative] [SMP] [Minigames] [H…

Nathan Classic [Creative] [SMP] [Minigames] [Hub] {Freebuild} {Spigot} {Dynmap} {WorldEdit} {Map of the Month} {Mature}


Hello! Thanks for your interest in Nathan Classic. We’re a small easy going adult-oriented server with a variety of maps available for creative, survival and minigames. We are based in the USA but our community spans the entire globe. You can find some pertinent information including our server rules below.

You’ll need a staff member to promote you to Member when you first log in before you can build and use basic commands. If nobody is around you are welcome to message our modmail, post here in the comments or bother us on Discord, and one of us will get it taken care of ASAP.

We hope you enjoy our server! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below!


Server IP Address:

Alternate IP Address:

Server Location: Virginia, USA

Subreddit: /r/NathanClassic


Dynamic Map:

Server Statistics:

Playtime Rankings:

YouTube Playlist:

Warps: /warp hub, creative, flat, survival, sandbox, minigames, motm


1) No griefing: Building on someone’s builds/land without permission, making random holes, breaking others’ blocks.

2) No hacks, possession of unobtainable items or abuse of exploits! Play the game how it is intended to be played.

3) No asking for ranks, rare items or OP access. Staff can provide some minor help, but you need to earn your status.

4) Politics, prejudice and hate speech will not be tolerated in the chat.

5) Treat others how you want to be treated!

6) If you choose to build with others, accept their builds.

7) No spamming the chat: 4+ consecutive messages and/or excessive use of all capital letters.

8) Please try to speak English in main chat!

9) Consult a staff member if there is a dispute between players.

10) NO DRAMA, act with maturity.

11) Listen to what staff members say!

12) No advertising or public discussion about other servers.