MythicWorldsMC [SMP] {TARDIS} {Custom Mobs} {C…

MythicWorldsMC [SMP] {TARDIS} {Custom Mobs} {Custom Worlds} {Custom drops} {economy} {1.12.2} {No donors} {no ranks} {all access}

Server Name: MythicWorldsMC

Server Locale: Dallas, TX. USA



Server Address/IP:

Rules: (At the end of this post)

We are a Survival Server on Minecraft 1.12.2 with many different worlds to explore. Exploration is done through portals or through the building of your own time and space travelling machine: The TARDIS. How much does it cost? NOTHING.

Absolutely free! Actually, everything listed below is absolutely free, too. We don’t charge players any real world money for anything, nor do you have to earn ranks. You start on day one with access to the whole server’s features.

Players are allowed to build and claim land wherever they want (not in spawn or other player’s builds, or course) using the Grief Prevention plugin to square off a section of land for themselves anywhere. The more you play, the more amount of land you’re allowed to claim. Build a house on the base world, a moon base on another planet, and underwater base on another world – you dream it, you can build it and lock it down as your own!

Most of our worlds are generated with Epic World Generator, so they look incredible! Others are built with city or nether generators to set them apart from other servers. Check out our web page for more info.

We also feature custom mobs and custom loot tables. Even the lowliest zombie can carry a unique weapon or tool. New mobs such as skeleton summoning necromancers and shadows that can walk through walls, elementals, and roving bandits. Each world has mobs unique to it’s setting.

Players earn gold by killing monsters, and that gold can be used in town to buy food, armor, weapons, enchantments, potions, etc and more. Or you can just go out and mine and build like “vanilla” minecraft. Your choice!

We also have the ArtMap plugin which allows players to create their own artwork! Using blank maps on an easel, players are allowed to paint artworks and display them, basically creating custom textures live on the server.

Once again, our server is entirely FREE. No donations, No vote chests, No Keys, No micro-transactions with real world money… None of that crap. This server was created for family and friends, and we’re letting everyone play on it. If you want to join us, come play!

Custom and Featured Mechanics

Doctor Who: *We love Doctor Who. On the server you can build a TARDIS – Live in it, expand it (it’s bigger on the inside!), and travel to other planets!

No $$$: No real life transactions at all, including donations. – all free!

Pets: Tame almost any creature on the server to be your pet!

Flying mounts: We have pets that you can tame that let you fly!

Economy: Earn in-game money and buy in-game services!

MCMMO: Level up your skills in weapons, crafting, alchemy, etc.

Mythic Drops: custom loot, diablo-esqe gem system for further enchanting weapons

Custom worlds: Ice planets, acid planets, future cities, antique vanilla world, and more.

Epic World Generator: Beautiful land, stake a claim, build a house, expand your claim, build a town, invite friends to join.

World Border: 20,000,000 x 20,000,000 on all worlds. HUGE!!! Find the perfect spot for a home.

Unique magic items: Wands, thrown alchemical explosives, shadow blades that let you teleport to your foe, life stealing swords, more…

Legendary Items: Beyond vanilla (but not too OP)

Admins: Tmellen, Sassycat427, Bojka_76, Lokolava

Player Rules: No Spamming or Advertising. The server will automatically ban you for spamming.

Keep chat somewhat clean. We have 7 year olds that play here.

Do not exploit glitches, use hacked clients, or xray (textures or mods). Instant ban.

No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

Respect each other. If you can’t get along, /ignore each other.

No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

No Mods/Hacks

No Full Caps Messages

Claim your builds! Unclaimed builds can be broke by other people. Don’t let it happen to you! Do not claim other’s builds.

Lock your doors and chests! Unlocked chests can be accessed by other people! Do not lock other’s chests or doors.

Do not make AFK pools or devices. If you aren’t actively playing on the server, free up resources for others who are.

IF you build a mob farm/xp farm on the server, make sure that it doesn’t mess with server spawns!