Monologica [SMP] {1.12.2} {Professions} {Towny…

Monologica [SMP] {1.12.2} {Professions} {Towny} {Loot System} {RPG Stats System}

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Overview :::

“All stories have a beginning and end. Where is yours, I wonder?”

Monologica is an RPG-inspired Minecraft server, where we’ve taken our favourite features of classic RPG-styled servers and put our own unique spin on them. Our aim is to capture what’s striking about each system, and expand on it, creating something new and refreshing, without being too unfamiliar.

While Monologica has a fair number of RPG-like features, we’ve kept the main draw of survival servers intact: you’re free to leave spawn to explore and build. We make use of Towny to allow you and (soon-to-be?) friends to group up and build in whatever way you want.

We strive to keep innovating and releasing new (and better) content on the server! As such, we promise to do our best to upgrade our server hardware when we can, and continue developing engaging features. If you have any ideas to improve the server, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to tell us on our suggestions page on our forums.

Core Features :::

  • Professions: Based on the popular jobs plugin, except with professions, you’re not limited to a set amount- you’re already in all of them, forever! Leveling up your professions unlocks bonus perks, from higher rates on rare drops, to access to special crafting recipes!

  • Fame: Fame is our spin on server ranks. You can increase your fame two ways: either by leveling up your professions, or by spending in-game money. Much like professions, leveling up your fame yields great perks!

  • Poetica: A wonderful all-in-one randomized loot solution, Poetica is both an aesthetic, and functional expansion on MythicDrops. Poetica replaces armour and weapon stats to increase variety in gear, allowing for players to decide on their own item builds, rather than simply choosing whatever has the highest level of protection and sharpness. There’s also plenty of unique items to collect, with neat flavour text!

  • Worlds: Three main worlds exist on Monologica: the main world, the resource world, and the wastelands. In the resource and wastelands worlds (which reset approximately monthly), you’ll have a higher chance of getting rare loot, and get paid more for professions. Beware though! PvP is enabled everywhere in the wastelands!

  • Death: When you die, you keep all your armour, and items in your hotbar. This is done so that death (especially in lava!) isn’t so unnecessarily penalizing.

  • Informative menus: We’ve added neat in-game menus which you can open to access in-game information neatly. From descriptions of our custom features, to individual player profiles, we’ve done what we can to ensure that our menus (available from /menu, and with shortcut commands) are as robust as possible, while still being organized and visually appealing.

Footnote(s) :::

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them! Just leave a comment below, join in-game, or get a hold of me on discord!