GoonBox [Vanilla] [SMP] We have started a new…

GoonBox [Vanilla] [SMP]

We have started a new tech focused server and looking for member to join our ranks. Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A TECH PLAYER TO JOIN.

Goals: -Automate as much as possible on a scale at which the entire server is provided for. -Build in/transform every biome -Build with every block (obviously, some blocks will be used more prominently/frequently than others)

Concept: The primary focus of our server is to expand the limits of what is practically feasible in survival minecraft by working as a team to build massive farms. We will then use the resources from said farms to decorate/incorporate them into aesthetically pleasing creations. We are seeking technically oriented players as well as builders interested in collaborating on these large scale projects.

Rules for GoonBox: -no personal builds -no personal storage outside of your enderchest -Personal house can be set up in the residential areas on the op base. Nothing huge. -Meetings are every last Saturday of the month. This is where we talk about everything coming for the Box. Be there! -There is a plan so unless you are decorating an existing build please find out where we plan to put farms and what not. -As in any relationship communication is key, so communicate what you want to do before you do it. We are open to any and all ideas. Just want to make sure things don’t conflict. -Farms will be built in there biome specific area. I.E. cactus farm in the desert or cocoa farm in the jungle. -We are here for the long haul. DO NOT just throw builds up for the sack of having something. Put some thought into the look and feel of the build. Make EVER build look as impressive as it works.

This server is not for everyone and we know that. If you want to give it a try join our discord and get to know us.

Keep in mind we are not just looking for tech player. We want decorative players as well.