Cataribean [Vanilla] Hello! I’ve recent…

Cataribean [Vanilla]

Hello! I’ve recently created a minecraft server with some friends and I are interested in active, mature players whom love to play Vanilla minecraft.

Cataribean is a small Vanilla server made up of a few friends who all share the love for minecraft and we are pleased to announce that our server is now open to the public.

Cataribean is a nation-based vanilla server in which players may join and create nations, or choose to be independent. Nations may create alliances, trade goods and battle each other in war. (Specific guidelines for war will be listed later in this announcement.) Cataribean is loads of fun!


  • No programs that create a disadvantage to other players. This includes any hacked clients, macros, x-ray, and mini-maps which show generated structures. Optifine, mini-maps which don’t show generated structures, toggle sprint/sneak are all allowed. If you have a question about whether your modification is allowed on the server or not, please contact Keknia.

  • Please be mature. Don’t create nasty looking structures for no reason. (unless it’s your first night and you need shelter.) Respect all players and don’t ask for roles or any item whatsoever. (You will be asked by a Staff Member if we want you to become a Helper to the server.) Be mature in discord as well.

  • Chat. Swearing is allowed, just please keep it at a minimum and don’t swear excessively. No repeated messages, only repeat your message if you are sure the person you are talking to didn’t see your first one.

  • Respect Staff members. (And all players.)

  • Don’t steal anything that isn’t yours or your Nation’s.

  • Failure to follow these rules may result in a mute, kick, or a ban. If you disagree with your ban or think you were banned unfairly, please contact the email below.

War Guidelines: All Nations taking part in the war must declare that they wish to do so. You are not allowed to take anything unless there is a agreed upon prize for the victor. When a Nation surrenders, you must immediately stop any action taking place in that war. A nation is free to declare any area/buildings in which they do not wish to be harmed. If a Nation harms one of these areas, the war must be stopped, and there may or may not be punishment at the Staff’s jurisdiction. Failure to follow these war guidelines during war may result in punishment for you or your Nation.

Thank you for reviewing our server and I hope you give us a chance!

Server IP:

Server Version: 1.12.2

Any questions? Comments? Email the owner at

Our Discord Invite Link:

Thank you! -Keknia