Looking for a new challenge in minecraft? Test yourself by building that amazing farm and epic base while immersed in UltraHardCore Survival.
* Hard difficulty
* No natural health regeneration
* 30 minute temp death ban
* No set homes or tp
* PVP by consent only

Vanilla world generation was getting boring so we went with epic and generated the world using BiomeBundle. Sample of some of the biomes: (

The server is co owned by two players that enjoy hard challenging survival. We are dedicated to continuously recruiting new players that are mature and drama free. Staff are not overbearing or intrusive. We dont have really any rules other than no drama, play fair, respect players and staff. Common sense goes a long way.
We created a server we wanted to play on and enjoy and hope to have other like minded players to play with. We are not in a rush to accept just any type of player to fill the server. The server will stay clean, fun and safe. Staff play the game just like everyone else. No special perks of any kind. If this appeals to you, you can apply on our discord: Its greylisted so you can hop in and take a look around. IP:

See you online!