Legacy Gamers [SMP][Hub][Creative] {Factions}{…

Legacy Gamers [SMP][Hub][Creative] {Factions}{KitPVP}{Family Friendly}{1.8.9-1.12.2}{Survival/Peaceful}{Economy}{McMMO}

The Legacy Gamers Network is a network brand new to Vanilla, we have roots in tekkit classic and are expanding to new horizons. We are a free-to-play server with several server aimed to please all different types of players.

The Legacy Community is friendly & welcoming, We are always looking for new members! Whatever your preference or play style, Legacy has something for you! Check out our forums here: http://ift.tt/2AOonYB

Server Address: play.Legacy-Gamers.com Hosting Location: Montreal, Canada

Player Base: We have players from all around the world on our tekkit server and our staff is also well spread across the globe

Server features: • Active friendly staff team willing to answer all your questions

• A well built spawn that is appealing to anyone with default textures or the most modified of resource packs

• 3 distinct worlds (+Hub) with kitPVP on the way meaning plenty of options to play

• Go to any of the server using /s to open a custom gui

• Timed events on our factions server including drops and bosses

• VIP perks available through donation and events

Server Rules Overview: • Absolutely NO Griefing or Raiding! (Griefing = changing something that has been built by another player with signs, adding, or removing blocks, flooding or setting fires) – Allow a 15+ block distance between your build and other players’ builds

• NO ADVERTISING OTHER SERVERS and no spamming. This applies to all chat channels (factions, parties and PMs as well). Please do not advertise us on other servers either!

• ONLY English in Global chat. No excessive capitalization and no cursing. You ARE allowed to speak other languages in PMs, provided it follows all chat rules.

• Respect ALL players and staff! No racism, sexism, bigotry, or other discriminatory comments (including sexual preference, education, financial status, etc.). Do not demand or talk down upon players of ANY RANK.

• NO RANK BEGGING. Ranks are earned by spending ingame currency or donation. Staff are chosen through applications. You will be promoted if and when Staff see fit.

• No abusing rank privileges either paid or free. If caught abusing them, it will result in punishment.

• No client mods that give unfair advantages over other players, such as hack/cheat mods (ex. x-ray mods are not permitted)

• You can also find the rules in game using /rules

We cant wait to see you our server!



Legacy Gamers Net-Manager